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Fourth graders created their own drawn Rube Golderg inventions and using the papercut stop motion technique animated their machines. The sound effects and editing was created in IMovie.


Pratt Summer Design students (ages 9-10) created a stop motion Pixilation technique using masking tape and their imaginations.


This paper cut stop motion animation was produced for a final project in Media and Materials at Pratt Institute. (Personal project)



Starring the children of Zomer School, Amsterdam.

The music video came together as a combination between the Music Workshop: Bas Gaakeer, Drama Workshop: Sanne van Doorn & Alana B. Zussman and the Animation Workshop: Henk van der Beek & Ivan Asin

DRAMAMATIE, The Netherlands

Dramamatie was born as a collaboration between the Drama and Animation workshops. We prepared the children to use their bodies to communicate a character that would have lived inside a Jan Steen household as well as to help work within a stop motion technique called pixilation. The children became frame-by-frame subjects in an animated film, by repeatedly posing as one or more frames were taken, changing the pose slightly before the next frame.

The Dutch proverb "a Jan Steen household" originated in the 17th century and is used today to refer to a home in disarray, full of rowdy children and boisterous family gatherings. Steen was born about 1626 in Leyden, the Netherlands where he is ranked with Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Hals in popularity. Although he didnt make much money as an artist, he persevered, painting nearly 800 pictures-- humorous genre scenes in which he treats life as a vast comedy of manners (Getty Museum).


In the workshop "show yourself" the students discovered how they can use their bodies to express themselves. With a little help of body language and facial expressions the students learned how to communicate without using language. At the end of the week the students made a final performance piece where they used their bodies to become expressive lines, which they painted and danced to music.

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